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Do you understand the Modern Awards? Am I paying the correct wages to my employees? What are the Transitional arrangements? What are the 10 National Employment Standards? Am I compliant with my payslip reporting? Do I have staff induction procedures? How do I terminate my employees?

Triple “S” is a specialist support provider for payroll, award interpretation, employee time management and human resource management. With over 175 regular clients primarily in the hospitality sector via hotels, motels, clubs, restaurants, RSL’s, retail, and other businesses such as construction, medical and other EBA’s.

As a highly recognised and accredited Sage Wage Easy Payroll/HR dealer, Triple “S” consulting offers specialist advice over and above the usual Sage Wage Easy Payroll/HR desk advice on such issues as award interpretation, current industrial relations legislation, employee/employer relationships, salaried pay arrangements to name just a few.

Triple “S” has been in operation for over 30 years and has maintained a loyal client base due to the high level of personalised service that is offered, whilst continuing to source new products and services with a focus on compliance to the ever changing industrial relations arena.

Triple “S” has recently been appointed a Partner of the Deputy Employee Management software. Simple easy to use cloud based rostering and time management which Triple “S” has specific experience integrating back to Sage Wage Easy Payroll/HR or Xero software.



About Prue O’neil

Prue started Triple “S” Consulting in 1989 and has continued to offer the highest level of support to her existing client base, as well as taking on many new clients, and has always been ready to face new challenges. Originally Triple “S” Consulting primarily consulted on Inventory Management and the early implementation of computerized stock control systems. In later years, she has concentrated on Payroll and Labour management.

Payroll and HR roles have changed dramatically over recent years and with new legislation such as the Fair Work Act and the National Employment Standards there is an ever increasing role to be informed as to what is required by businesses to avoid costly litigation.

Prue has continued to be informed to stay ahead and offer specialized consulting in these areas with particular emphasis on accurate payroll processing with timely and accurate award interpretation and labour logistics.

Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management (Victoria University)Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations

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