Triple “S” has been in operation for over 25 years and has maintained a loyal client base due to the high level of personalised services that is offered, whilst continuing to source new products and services with a focus on compliance to the ever changing industrial relations arena.

Triple S Payroll Support

For your SM&S, Triple “S” offers the following:

  • Phone support with extended hours to suit clients for those that often do not work the normal Monday to Friday 9:00- 5:00.
  • Email support from simple payroll questions to complicated wage package scenario’s.
  • Online support via Team Viewer where we are able to be in front of your PC and see the issues first hand.
  • Provide a simple user manual with weekly / monthly / yearly tasks. Regular fact sheets on specific Payroll / HR / Industrial Relations Regular and informative “Memo’s” to assist wage processing.
  • Updates on award interpretations/issues. Annual awards pay rates as per Fair Work Australia on July 1st each year, with extra advice in regards to minimum wages for salaried and junior employees.
  • Comprehensive year end manual with instructions and hints.
  • Software upgrades as provided by Wage Easy with their attached memo’s as well as simple precise instructions on how to update.
  • Wage Easy help desk when Triple “S” is not available Wage Processing service for when payroll persons are on leave.
  • Integration to Time and Attendance systems

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