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Triple “S” Consulting are an accredited Sage Wage Easy Solution Provider and have been selling, implementing and supporting Wage Easy clients since 2003.  Triple “S” staff have undertaken extensive training over many years to maintain this accreditation and have direct access to the Wage Easy Team for any additional support when required.  By working with Triple “S” Consulting you get the best of Wage Easy matched with extensive local knowledge, understanding and experience in your industry.

Sage Wage Easy

Big capabilities for small businesses

  • Easily pay your employees. With Sage WageEasy’s simple and logical design you don’t need to be a payroll expert
  • Save time and benefit from accurate calculations with Sage WageEasy’s built in award interpreter
  • Empower your workforce with employee self-service
  • Feel confident with our extensive payroll software training and support.
  • Built-in award interpretation removes the need for manual calculations and ensuring compliant award payments.
  • Efficient HR management tools to manage and maintain important employee details.
  • Flexible reporting to easily create reports for key business decisions.
  • General ledger integrates with your existing accounting software to easily share data between your systems.
  • Import timesheets into Sage WageEasy from third party time and attendance applications.
  • Streamlined superannuation processing to meet your superannuation obligations.

We offer a variety of ways to configure your Sage WageEasy payroll software to suit your specific needs, including:

  • Easy business analyser enhances your ability to analyse payroll and HR data across your business
  • Employee services portal to empower your employees and automate leave applications and approvals
  • Sage Express super – superannuation clearing house to minimise the time you spend on preparing and paying superannuation contributions
  • Remote and online timesheets makes it easier to track employee work hours more efficiently

Sage WageEasy system requirements

Sage WageEasy is a 32-bit application, compatible with all Windows 32-bit operating systems from Windows XP onwards including most Server editions.

Similar to other Windows 32-bit applications, performance is directly related to your computer’s hardware specifications.

As a minimum we recommend running Sage WageEasy on a 1 GHz processor with 1GB of RAM. For optimum performance we recommend a 3 GHz single core processor (or better), a graphics adapter capable of at least 1024 x 768 resolution, and 2 Gb RAM running on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows and Windows 10.

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